Class Conduct

Our studio guidelines are in place to help maintain the safety and professionalism of our studio. We ask that all students and their families who enter Charb Arts Studios adhere to these guidelines both in and out of class.

1.    Students are asked to wear proper dance attire and hair must be tied back securely for each class. No jewelry is allowed. (Please refer to our dress code for suitable attire for each class)

2.    Students are not allowed to leave the classroom/studio without permission.

3.    No gum is permitted in the studio.

4.    Only water in bottles is permitted in the studios during class. Other food and drinks are restricted to the waiting area only.

5.    Please do not interrupt a class in progress. Parents are not permitted in the studios during classes.

6.    If a problem should arise with your child please talk to the Studio Director directly. Please refrain from approaching other teachers. The Studio Director will handle any issues that may arise.

Lost and Found

Unlabeled items we find will be placed in “Lost and Found”. They will be stored until it becomes full, then they will be given to a local shelter.

Remember, if your lost item is labeled it will be much easier for us to return it to you!

Recital and Tickets

We have a recital in June for both our Senior & Kinder dance students.

Our Annual year-end recital is held at the Al Green Theatre, ticket’s in advance are $20.00. Our Kinder recital is held at Charb Arts and ticket’s in advance are $12.00

Parents and guests are required to purchase a ticket and there are no refunds, credits or exchanges for the tickets purchased. You can purchase tickets online through your Mindbody account or visit the front desk.