Risk: We try new things.
Rejoice: We enjoy the experience.
Restore: We rest and reflect.

As a huge advocate of the multi-disciplinary approach to learning, it remains our mission to provide a variety of creative arts programs, in addition to our exceptional dance training. What is unique to our approach is that CAS offers everyone a chance to combine their interests, strengthen their body knowledge and neural pathways by experiencing the coherence in dance, art, music and most recently media. Concepts explored in art can be physically fortified in dance and strengthened even further in music, through vocals or music lessons.

We offer a range of dance programming recreationally and intensively through our CAS Companies in Ballet (ABT), jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop and tap.

We also offer vocal classes and art based workshops. 

Our studio is a creative arts incubator unlike any other in Toronto! 

Students that come to Charb Arts:

·       Enjoy exceptional and responsive instruction and curriculum

·       Develop an arts vocabulary

·       Receive appreciation, respect and encouragement

·       Celebrate and respect personal strengths and individuality

·       Develop technique and training to further their arts careers

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