Studio Policies

Costume Policy

Our costume department distributes custom made costumes for our end of year recital.

For your convenience, we provide a costume rental fee at the rate of $40.00 per dance class.

This fee is due December 1st, 2019 and is Non-refundable.

DanceBUG - Account Access Fee

This fee of $35.00 per family is due March 1st 2020. DanceBUG is a private access website that allows you to view dance photos / videos recorded at Charb Arts Studios.

Our performances will be recorded by DRC Video Productions and distributed via Families must create their DanceBUG account on to access the studio’s shows. When the show is ready, we’ll provide you with the access code to unlock the performances. Upon unlocking your show you can view anywhere, share anytime, and stream from any internet-enabled device. Ways to access DanceBUG include: iOS and Android apps, Roku channel, and any web browser. For questions and assistance, please see the DanceBUG FAQ sheet or email

Class Transfers

Class transfers must be approved by the Director. If you would like to transfer to another class please contact us immediately. This request must be made in writing and will not be accepted after January 31st, 2019.

Charb Arts reserves the right to deny transfers if the class is not the right fit for the student.

Late Fees

Tuition is due on scheduled dates. After 7 days you will be charged a late interest of $2.00 per day until payment is received.

After 30 days Charb Arts reserves the right to prohibit students with outstanding fees from attending classes until the outstanding balance is resolved.

Refunds & Withdrawal Policies

Any student who withdraws from a class will be charged a $50 withdrawal fee. There is no penalty for withdrawal before the first date of a season or camp start date.

Any student who withdraws before October 31st, 2019 will be charged the $50 withdrawal fee and refunded for the tuition of the remaining classes.

Anyone withdrawing after October 31st, 2019 will have future pre-authorized payments cancelled, however the remaining classes will be non-refundable.

Absences do not confirm that a student has withdrawn. All withdrawals must be submitted via email. This email will determine the official withdrawal date.

All withdrawals due to injury must have a doctor's note submitted to the Director.

Camp Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawals from camp program’s must be made at least TWO WEEKS prior to the start date for a full refund, minus an administration fee of $25.00. All withdrawals must be submitted via email. This email will determine the official withdrawal date.

For Camps, no refunds will be processed after this date.

After School Pick Up Program (ASPP) Policy

In the event of choosing an ASPP service we require class room, teacher, and authorization to pick up your child.

In the event of an extended absence eg; vacation, we require written confirmation of the dates no later than 72 hours.

In the event of sickness or emergency, we require a text to the assigned ASPP chaperone and Director the morning of scheduled pick up.

Failing to notify Charb Arts can result in cancellation of ASPP service.

Absences / Missed Group Dance Classes

Please let us know if you will not be able to attend a dance or private class via email or telephone. We will pass this information on to the instructor.

No credit or refunds are given for student absences

Tuition cannot be “paused” for extended absences.

Missed dance classes must be made up within the same term of the absence in a class at the student’s current level.

Due to set scheduling, private class absences cannot be made up.

Late Change Policy

Please note that although the current schedule is current, class times, dates, teachers and studio allocation are subject to change over the summer to accommodate low enrolment, staffing, scheduling and other factors. Any withdrawals that families must make due to a schedule conflict, will be given suggestions on an alternate class. If a suitable class cannot be agreed upon, a withdrawal may be processed without the $50 withdrawal fee.