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Prepare for AN upcoming audition at charb arts


Here at CAS we offer one on one, private sessions to help prepare students to audition for Junior, Middle, and High School Arts Programs.  

It is important that a dancer is well prepared for their upcoming audition. In an audition, a student may be asked to improvise, perform a dance solo, and sometimes the panel will interview prospects.

What is included in our audition prep sessions:

  • Interview preparation

  • Audition etiquette

  • Private coaching in specific dance styles and improvisation  

  • Solo choreography if needed

  • Mock audition


This is offered to students who are enrolled in CAS dance programs.

Students auditioning for Junior school arts programs with entrance into Grade 4 should be taking dance classes for at least one year prior.

Students auditioning for middle or high school arts programs with entrance into Grade 7 or 9 should be enrolled in at least 2 hours of dance training per week.

Arts Focused Schools:

Please contact the studio to book your audition prep session.