Lyrical & Contemporary


Lyrical classes combine ballet, modern and jazz techniques. In the studio, basic steps are taught and experienced as expressive and fun while building a strong dance foundation. This class will appeal to a child who enjoys drama and a desire to express emotion in their movements.

Lyrical 1- Age 6-7

Monday 4pm-5pm

Lyrical 2- Age 8-9

Monday 5pm-6pm



Contemporary dance is graceful, powerful, and full of expression. It incorporates elements of ballet, jazz, modern and improvisation. Learn contemporary through warm-ups, floor work, centre combinations, group work and across the floor movement. This class will help build on individual style, technique, group work, and improvisation. 

Contemporary 3- Age 10-12

Wednesday 5pm-6pm

Contemporary 4- Age 13-16 (unless permission from instructor)

Wednesday 6pm-7pm

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