Jazz & Musical Theatre


In Jazz class, we integrate some of the major influences behind the history of jazz from Broadway musicals to more contemporary works. Dancers are encouraged to test their strength and timing in jazz class with memory games and fun choreography. As Jazz progresses dancers focus on body conditioning to build stamina and strength.

Jazz 1- Age 6-7

Tuesday 4pm-5pm

Jazz 2- Age 8-9

Tuesday 5pm-6pm

Jazz 3- Age 10-12

Tuesday 6pm-7pm

Jazz 4- Age 13-16 (unless permission from instructor)

Saturday 1pm-2pm

Broadway Jazz 4- Age 13-16 (unless permission from instructor)

Tuesday 7pm-8pm


Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is for a triple threat. Focusing on developing stage performance, improve skills, and explore different choreographers and influential performing artists in the musical theatre world, such as Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins and Lin-Manuel Miranda. We highly recommend bundling our Vocal class with Musical Theatre to build a well-rounded musical vocabulary.

Musical Theatre 2 Age 8-9

Saturday- 12pm-1pm

Musical Theatre 3- Age 10-12

Monday- 7pm-8pm

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