Kinder Mornings

This year we have explored dance, music, art, and play within our Kinder Morning Programs.

Through sound, movement, and discovery we have had a lot of fun learning our shapes, colours, and techniques with the children in our program.

Here is one of our final projects that we completed within our art portion of our Wednesday and Thursday Kinder Morning Programs. We learned about the Arctic and discovered the colours of the Northern Lights as well as discussed the animals that live here.

Throughout many steps and classes the children built onto their existing artistic skills and began to create an arctic setting.

First we laid coloured tissue paper onto our wet pieces of paper to allow the colours of the paper to bleed into our colourful skies.

We then painted a big piece of paper blue, which was cut up into strips for the snowy hills. The children arranged and overlapped their hills by gluing them down on the bottom of their papers.

The next class was all about stamping! We had some pre-made trees, a polar bear, and a moon stamp that we put ink onto and stamped them onto our backgrounds, adding to our landscapes.

To finish off these pictures we added some glitter and some fun sequins for stars in the Northern Sky.

Much like most of the art we do here at Charb Arts we are all about process and discovery!

We are very excited to start a new term at Charb Arts on January 9th for our Winter Term.

We hope you enjoy your Holidays and Have a Happy New Year!


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