About Us

Dance. Art. Music.

Charb Arts programs support kids in building a healthy lifelong relationship with the Arts through dance, art and music.

Kids that come to Charb Arts...

  • Enjoy exceptional and responsive instruction and curriculum
  • Develop an arts vocabulary
  • Receive appreciation, respect and encouragement
  • Celebrate and respect personal strengths and individuality

Risk: We try new things.
Rejoice: We enjoy the experience.
Restore: We rest and reflect.
Roles: We encourage and support all of our participants.

Active participants: You are learning, taking part and showing respect for the group.
Respectful observers: You are watching and listening, usually silently. You are aware of what is happening in the room and your impact.
Engaged teachers: You are offering information, guiding and showing, and caring for others.


The Charb Open Door Policy

All Charb Arts students are invited to attend other classes on our schedule for free, space providing.
This policy supports busy family schedules while allowing our students to attend more classes and benefit from a larger program.
Through frequent attendance, learning is enhanced and students grow more confident. If your child would like to bring a friend to try a Charb Arts class—great! We welcome new kids whenever possible, please send us an email to make arrangements.

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